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1. The credit card data protection

We use our payment gateway. They are on the leading Internet payment gateway service. We do not have direct access to your credit card. The only information, our customer service representatives to see, is the last four digits of the card number, expiration date, and the type of credit card. Instead, on a secure server in your personal data, we are locked in position for a 30-day visit. 30 days after the end of your information, we are no longer able to access it.

In addition, we can only credit the highest economic or order in what the mainstream, so if any changes are to complete after you order it, we may require you to provide your credit card information to us and then feed.

2. Cookies

Favorite site, using a browser cookie, which allows us to your shopping experience better regulating function. Cookie is a small piece of information sent from a website is stored on the hard disk from your computer's browser for a limited time. He has a small piece of information we need to interact with the website and to personalize your experience.

We do not store your personal information in a cookie. You choose to share with us is safe and separated stored on our secure servers. We use cookies to establish, let us to gather information, orders (for example, when you place items in a shopping cart), or anonymously track traffic patterns website to help us improve our services to better you'll .

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